NCLEX prep becoming too easy?Should I be worried?

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    I graduated at a practical nurse this month and I've began prepping for my nclex. Money is short so i decided to just use my Saunders NCLEX PN exam 5th edition book (required for school) to study from as its pretty comprehensive and i like the questions..a little to much it seems.

    Either I'm just a super genius now or the questions are that "low" at times. I rarely get more than 1 wrong per section ( i do 1 section a day). I also use the evolve Elsevier online exam questions that come with this book as well (and again do well like almost aced the whole lab values section, and other nursing sciences). And I'm doing ridiculously well at times, which makes me think, hey something is wrong.

    The NCLEX to me is going to be like ATI testing exams on steroids. So I'm wondering if i should: abandon ship and find a different study source or keep using it and reassure myself everything is fine.
    I think i need to be really challenged (which will come when i spend some time on pharm and mental health not to mention priority/delegation), something that really picks my brain.

    You hear rumors about the nclex being this hard, vague general knowledge, etc. One source told me the questions are like Saunders, another denied it and said like Kaplan. And it has me thinking of course at this stage. So im asking for input on my situation

    Background info:
    I pass second semester with 4.0 which consists of med surg, maternal/pedis. We have a 8 week stent after May which consist of more med surg and clinical. I passed that with an A too.
    Earned level 3 on all but 2 ATI exams (maternal newborn and leadership/management)
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  3. by   LifesAJourney
    If you can get access to kaplan questions, I feel like it will benefit you the most. Saunders is great for content, but the question were on the easy side. Kaplan really makes you think critically. Good luck!
  4. by   sm0205
    MY personal opinion after failing the NCLEX-RN on my first attempt was that the saunders book was WAY too easy, and I was shocked when I got to the real NCLEX and it's questions. Besides rushing through the exam, I strongly believe I failed because I used the saunders book as my only method of studying. I did ATI here and there, some pda as well, but did saunders front to back. Now that I am studying again, I am taking ATI more seriously by actually doing virtual ATI, and also invested in the kaplan strategies book. Questions from these two sources are harder, but after taking the NCLEX, I see they are more on the level of difficulty of the actual NCLEX. Saunders is a great content resource however. This is my personal experience.
  5. by   swansonplace
    NCSBN has questions
  6. by   LadyFree28
    I used Saunders flash cards and they format was close to the NCLEX...but if you REALLY want questions like the NCLEX, then NCSBN has questions most similar to the NCLEX.