NCLEX PN study advice

  1. I have seen plenty of book out there for NCLEX RN, but those of us who are starting with the PN need some advice, too!

    I bought the Comprehensive Review for NCLEX PN Reviews and Rationales by Mary Hogan, and I wondered if anyone else had that book. I have enjoyed all of the other books in the series, and they have really helped me with all of my classes. A lot of the questions are used by my instructors on their tests.

    Do these questions, and their style seem similar to the actual NCLEX questions, or is Kaplan the only way to go.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    Suzanne4 has a sticky at the top of the forum giving her plan for studying for the NCLEX using the Saunders Comprehensive Review book. I am certain that it is just as effective for the PN exam as for the RN exam. I used RN NCLEX prep books when I took the PN exam many years ago and had no problem then. Check out Suzanne's plan and good luck.
  4. by   happynewLPN
    I'll check it out. If I have to I'll buy that book. I've just heard that the LPN test is different because of the level of responsibility, and that the questions are not geared from an RN point of view. I don't want to confuse myself!
  5. by   happynewLPN
    Any other experiences out there?
  6. by   paulh61
    Hi there, here's what worked for me when I tested recently:

    I used a combination of the following, my top 10 so to speak.

    1) Kaplan - for pure test taking strategies...the best! The screen shots pictured in the book closely resemble the test.

    2) Saunders (3rd edition orange colored book) - Suzanne's notes are right on point!

    3) Exam Cram PN- great ! Gives a good number of priority type questions - 5 chapters of 200 questions plus a CD of the same...great bang for the buck! Several of my classmates and I used it and we passed.

    4) Lippincott - also a great resource for questions that were found on the acutal test to a large degree.(reworded of course).

    5) Remember -- YOU KNOW ENOUGH TO PASS!!!!

    6) I suggest doing 100 questions a day to keep your mind sharp, reading all the rationales and then doing them again if your grade was not close to 75 or above -- that will build confidence more than anything.

    7) Dont study what you feel you already know - that wastes time.

    8) Know your lab values and diets (suggest you look at Food Sources for Specific Nutrients -- listed on page 1358 of Davis's Drug Guide 10th edition or any other edition that has that same info. in the appendix)

    9) Good luck

    10) BREATHE !!! and relax as much as you can :spin:

    The reason I used more than 1 resource is so that I could see as many different authored questions as possible thus assuring me of understanding it no matter how it was asked.
  7. by   happynewLPN
    I plan on using several different resources for the PN exam, as far as books and flashcards. So far, I have the Rewiews and Rationales Comprehensive NCLEX-PN review book by Mary Hogan, Saunders NCLEX-PN Review Cards for the PN exam and a Mosby's PN review book. A close friend, who signed up to take the test with me has the Saunders book, so I'm hoping to borrow her book as well.

    Thanks so much for the info...just waiting for my authorization to test...until then, I study a bit each day, reading a few chapters in my review book, answering the questions at the end, reviewing the rationale on incorrect answers.

    Sounds like I'm on the right track.