1. Hi everyone, I created a file with all the notes I wrote while studying for my NCLEX-PN and wanted to share. However, I do not know how to upload a file here, or if that is possible. Does anyone know of anywhere I can upload and share with students? Please let me know, thanks!!
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  3. by   alliann72
    I'm new and don't know but I'd be willing to give you my email for them!
  4. by   HospitalCorpsman760
    i'm new to the forum and not sure if there's a direct link method. You could maybe try uploading it to pastebin and put the link in this thread? i'd also like to send you my email to get these notes if not..
  5. by   dianah
    Francinaroa: has guidelines regarding posting non-solicitous nursing-related educational videos. We permit these videos as long as they meet the following criteria:

    Adhere to the Terms of Service
    Contain embedded YouTube link in the post
    Include a short narrative summary of the contents of the video
    You may post one video per thread per forum at a time.
    Use the VIDEO label upon submission
    Must be reviewed and approved by staff before public publication
    Video contains a link to
    You can include a link to your YouTube channel in your profile.

    If you have questions about this, please post in the Admin Office and the Administrators will communicate with you privately.

    Thank you for your participation and willingness to help others with your educational videos/information.

    --- dianah
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