NCLEX PN In 3 weeks..any tips???

  1. Hi all!

    I graduated from nursing school in November 2011 and am preparing to take my NCLEX here in CA on March 26th. Anyone have tips as to what i should study from now until the weekend before my test? I feel as prepared as i can..I have been taking NLN comps at school and getting in the high 70's and doing nlcex 3000 and getting anywhere between 65%-75%. Should i just continue to study what i have been or study other things. I will take all advice
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  3. by   hansef
    hey am planning to take the nclex as well by the end of march. am using saunders 4ed, hurst review and ncsbn and just as many other things i can get my hands on. i was wondering if u could show me how u got the nclex 3000. i have been trying to get my hands on it but dont seem to know how to get there. thanks will appreciate your help.
  4. by   studentforlife9910
    Hi there! when is your test scheduled? and in California or where? as far as the NClex 3000 one of my classmates put it onto my laptop, i think he snaked it from our school.
  5. by   hansef
    am scheduled in texas at the end of the month march 30 but thanks will keep on trying to see where i can get the nclex 3000 coz i hear its really helpful and wanted to try it. thanks and good luck
  6. by   Nae856Nae
    Hey there!

    I'm taking my nclex-pn this week...I have to tell you:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get the Kaplan strategies or some kind of material on how to answer nclex questions...I think if your familiar with the content then your next step should be getting familiar with test strategies(Nursing process, Maslow, Safety) on how to answer the questions...

    I purchased the 2012-2013 Kaplan Strategies, Practice, & Review Book for about $20 from B&N...I couldnt afford the Kaplan class so I opt out for the book which is really good.

    I also went on Kaplan's website an signed up for the online testing strategy session(free).
    you have plenty of time to go on there and get in one of those free online sessions. Hope this helps.... :-))

    Good luck....
  7. by   boisern84
    If you feel like you have exhausted your learning potential then you are probably ready to take the exam and will do very well! In the mean time go over your weak areas but don't force your self to study, review lightly the last week. When students continue to study to the max especially with lots of NCLEX material they will find conflicting information about which NCLEX answer is best. This will cause the student to second guess what they know which is not good a mindset to go into the exam with.
  8. by   Assess&Safety1st
    what is ncsbn? i read some information about their website. was it really good...did it help you?
    what is nclex 3000? is it a book or cd? where can i get nclex 3000? do you think paying for ncsbn was good for you to review? what kind of questions did ncsbn provide you?
  9. by   Solongo
    Good luck to you.
    I'm about to take my nclex-pn the day after tomorrow and I'm freaking nervous.