1. Hi everyone, i recently graduated from a PN program & i am getting ready to take the nclex pn, i am currently using uworld and nclex mastery app i have about 60/65% overall in the apps.. any other advices you all can share with me would be greatly appreciated. I have always been an anxious person lol as a student i would freak out before the tests but i managed to have all Bs and As throghout the program, but still get nauseous when thinking about the nclex lol

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  3. by   Cuttykupcake
    I'm curious about this as well. I graduated on December 22nd and trying to figure out what the best prep method is.
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  4. by   NurseNiry
    Hi! Cuttukupcake. I did lots of reading regarding that and i found a lot of people recommended uworld, i did not have the $ to spend on Hurst so i decided to purchase a month worth of uworld and i got it last year when the price was a little cheaper than what it is now and the rationales definetly help. I have also been watching the registerednursern videos on youtube because i felt like my weak subject was endocrine disorders but after watching her video and taking notes i was able to understand that topic better. Have you set a date?
  5. by   Cuttykupcake
    No date yet as I'm still waiting for my ATT (California ). Do you have a date set?

    I keep hearing that Uworld is the way to go since the content and layout match the NCLEX. That's a big plus for me as I'd like to know what to expect.
    I'll have to check out those YouTube videos.

    Thank you and good luck!
  6. by   NurseNiry
    Thank you! Good luck to you as well.. and i honestly like uworld but i kinda feel like the ?s on the nclex mastery app are way harder. I will continue to answer both until my test date i am testing at the end of the month (hopefully if i dont change my mind and reschedule lol)
  7. by   Cuttykupcake
    That's exciting! I'm sure you'll do great
  8. by   NurseNiry
    Thanks. I am super nervous but i kinda want to get it over with and hopefully pass it
  9. by   NurseNiry
    Update: i took the nclexpn on jan 26th and passed it with 85 ?s