NCLEX next Friday 1/27/12! SCARED!

  1. Hey everyone!! Im taking my NCLEX on Friday 1/27/12, and I just want to get it over with! I feel like it has to be basic nursing, because all the questions are based on entry-level nursing, so it cant be that bad! But I have been using soo many resources to study and do questions. I was wondering if anyone has done ATI and the comp predictor, and how well it correlated with your NCLEX. I got a 98% on the comp predictor, of passing the NCLEX the first time. I have been completely OBSESSED with this exam.. its truly taking over my life. I cant focus on anything else, and all I do is do practice questions and review material occasionally! I even work this weekend (Friday and Saturday), and all I wanna do is study! :bowingpur lol Someone help!!
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  3. by   Awad
    Keep up good work, practice questions. Tell yourself you can do it.

    Tip: Do not study a night before, Take goodnight sleep,
    Wake up: Do deep breathing for 10 minutes, and get ready for test. Do not study on the day of test. Think positive.
    Good Luck!
  4. by   Delishatarver
    Hello!!! I took my exam this morning at 8 am. I had 75 questions and it only took me about an hour to complete the exam. I like you had ATI in school so they used the predictor as a means to gauge our pass predictability. I took the predictor two times, the first time I received an 88% predictability and the second time I received a 97% predictability. I know from others they say not to go strictly by that but I think it is pretty accurate on letting you know were you sit. I studied for 4 weeks after graduating using Saunders Comprehensive, Saunders Q & A, Hurst NCLEX review book I got from Barnes and Noble and a little Exam Cram. I did lots of questions and just rested the day before.

    I came home after the test and I am getting the good pop up so I am staying faithful that I passed... Im sure you are ready
  5. by   smghanayem
    Morgan! You are going to rock that exam! I have faith that you will! I truly believe that the road that has led us to this test was the hardest part to get through!
  6. by   MorgRN2B2011
    Thank you!!!! I really hope so! I shed a few tears tonight, but I felt like i needed too. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!! (This is such an emotional time)! Im just really worried about the SATA questions, because I do not do very well on them!
  7. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    You can do this! Keep us posted. We are all in this together.
  8. by   YDRussell
    I totally sympathize with you--I know that the important people in my life cant wait for this to be over, because I have not been myself. The day that I scheduled my exam sparked the immediate panic, fear, and anxiety. As I get closer to my exam though I feel a bit of weight coming off my shoulders, though I'm sure it will be right back once the day before my test date rolls around.

    When going through the SATA, ask your self the question for each answer choice and whether it makes sense. This seems like such a 'no brainer,' but I'm not positive that I've ever really used that method to answer SATA. I'm reviewing with Kaplan and they are ALL about breaking things down piece by piece.

    Deep breaths, good luck!! Just think by this time next week plus a day there's a strong possibility that you'll be an RN!
  9. by   saraannRN
    I feel like we are twins! I am taking my test on 2/2/2012 and I too am very anxious. I obsessed with doing practice questions even though I got a 99 percent on my predictor. Guess it means we are going to be informed nurses. I know I will pass..just cant wait to get it over with! Good luck, but you know that you will be fine. Take a brisk walk before you take your test. I always tell myself the right question will just come to me. And often it just does.
  10. by   brizzle1
    Morganooooo!!! I knew this was you even before I read it You will do fabulous because you are awesome and sooo smart!!! I told you what to expect and you will pass with flying colors!!STOP STUDYING---DO questions and relax youre gonna rock it out girl!
  11. by   ntphung
    I did ATI and didn't really like it. I also did Kaplan and thought it was a lot more useful... however, you are studying so you are in a pretty good shape. always remember to eliminate the least important choice. many of the questions will have multiple answers but you must choose the "most" correct one. it's good to remember your ABC's. in real life, you would pick all of the choices and perform them at the same time... but test-wise, the abc methods is great.

    first step: is the question asking for an intervention or will you need to do an assessment? then go from there.
  12. by   Contrail
    Best of luck to you
  13. by   sareyjane
    It sounds like you are well prepared for the NCLEX. I did both ATI and Hurst, but I mainly focused my time studying the Hurst Review book. It wasn't until the week before the exam that I started doing practice questions. The day before the NCLEX, I visited the test center, hoping it would help relieve some anxiety the morning of my exam. I, too, had bouts of tears and even a couple panic attacks the week leading up to my Big Day. My advice to you is: 1) Breathe, 2) Focus, 3) Take your time / Don't worry if other people finish quicker than you - this is Not a Race!

    I took the NCLEX on a Saturday, completed in 4 hours with 75 questions, and in less than a week later I cried with tears of JOY when I found my name and license number on the BRN website.

    Like others have mentioned, do not study the day before the exam and get a good night's sleep! While you are taking the exam, Focus and ask yourself these three questions: 1) Do they want the Correct answer? 2) Do they want the Wrong answer? e.g. "Which answer indicates the patient needs further teaching?" and 3) Which patient can DIE Right Now?

    Good luck to you, RN2Bverysoon! And please keep us posted on your NCLEX results. XOXO
  14. by   MorgRN2B2011
    A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for all of your encouraging words!!!!!!!! I went to work yesterday and I felt like it may have helped my anxiety a little (just to focus on something else)! I still came home and did practice questions, and today im reviewing some material and doing a ton of Kaplan questions. Congratulations to all who have already passed and an EARLY CONGRATS to those who are scheduled and taking it soon! I have faith in all of us!! Keep me posted with everyone's results!! Its almost over!!!!