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Hey everyone!! Im taking my NCLEX on Friday 1/27/12, and I just want to get it over with! I feel like it has to be basic nursing, because all the questions are based on entry-level nursing, so it... Read More

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    Quote from sareyjane
    It sounds like you are well prepared for the NCLEX. I did both ATI and Hurst, but I mainly focused my time studying the Hurst Review book. It wasn't until the week before the exam that I started doing practice questions. The day before the NCLEX, I visited the test center, hoping it would help relieve some anxiety the morning of my exam. I, too, had bouts of tears and even a couple panic attacks the week leading up to my Big Day. My advice to you is: 1) Breathe, 2) Focus, 3) Take your time / Don't worry if other people finish quicker than you - this is Not a Race!

    I took the NCLEX on a Saturday, completed in 4 hours with 75 questions, and in less than a week later I cried with tears of JOY when I found my name and license number on the BRN website.

    Like others have mentioned, do not study the day before the exam and get a good night's sleep! While you are taking the exam, Focus and ask yourself these three questions: 1) Do they want the Correct answer? 2) Do they want the Wrong answer? e.g. "Which answer indicates the patient needs further teaching?" and 3) Which patient can DIE Right Now?

    Good luck to you, RN2Bverysoon! And please keep us posted on your NCLEX results. XOXO
    Thank you for your post. Very encouraging and great reinforcement.