NCLEX Math Conversions to know

  1. Hi all! I'm taking my NCLEX on Tuesday and I can not seem to find a list of all math conversions to know for NCLEX anywhere online. I was trying to find them all in a central location. Maybe even some practice conversion questions as well? Especially grain calculations.... ew. Thanks!!
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  3. by   Nurse Maru
    Just for some perspective - I've already passed my NCLEX and I had 0, that's right, ZERO math or conversion questions. None. I was a little shocked, but I'm sure not going to run and complain about it, lol.
  4. by   olliesmommy1005
    I had 2 math questions....conversions were of your basic lbs --> kg and mcg --> g
    and then your basic math formulas to plug them into

    If you need help with math is a good site!
  5. by   nursebrittanyb
    Thank you so much! That site is perfect!!
  6. by   lvcourtneyy
    I have a pretty technical question about NCLEX math. I don't know if anyone will know the answer.

    For Kaplan fill-in-the-blank questions, the rounding has been interesting to me. For some, it says round to the nearest whole number (for drip rates, mLs or whatnot). However, I had an answer that was like 36.625 and I rounded to 37 but they wanted 36.

    Does anyone know what the rounding rules are for NCLEX? Do they follow the ones you learn in elementary school lol?
  7. by   nursebrittanyb
    I took Hurst so I'm not sure about Kaplan, but we were told that for rounding purposes do not round until you get to the final product. I'm not sure if maybe you rounded some of your calculations in the course of determining the answer, but we were told to only round at the end. You will be told what decimal place to round to as well. Maybe they entered the answer incorrectly?