Nclex in one week, anxeity building every second

  1. Thanks to all that have taken their exam and shared their experience. It's been really helpful. I am using kaplan and NCSBN learning ext. My scores have been all over the place
    Kaplan QT1 65%, 2 72, 3 51, 4 57, 5 53, 6, 58 have not taken 7 yet. Doing my Qbanks and getting in the upper 50s, and 60s. I don't even know what to think or do. I am loosing sleep already because am so afraid am not doing well with these questions. Am doing horrible on the SATA, don't know how else to go about those anymore. My NCBSN scores( 80 on the pretest, and lowest score on the quizzes so far 45 and highest is 70, keep scoring 55-66. Any advice will be helpful and appreciated. Best of luck to all of us that are yet to take it.
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  3. by   bw2012
    hey jiokes you will be fine. its normal to feel that way. Your scores are good as long as you are remediating the correct and incorrect rationales and understanding why its right and wrong you will be fine. my scored are all over the place and i feel the same i test in 2weeks. be confident in yourself! You made it this far you got it! You will be a RN on the day you test!
  4. by   atlnurse477
    Don't have too much anxiety!It's not going to help you...breath and relax!If you're not getting enough sleep,that's not good either! Think positive and believe in yourself that you can do it! Good luck
  5. by   babykulit2000
    Im also taking the Nclex in 10 days! Freaking out! I hope 100 questions a day will be good enough for me to pass the NCLEX!
  6. by   jiokes
    thanks guys for these encouragement, I really need it. atlnurse77 you are right am definitely not getting enough sleep.cos am reminiscing on the day what it's gon be like and driving myself naughts, don't know how to make myself sleep. Will keep you guys posted .