NCLEX in Frankfurt passed with 75 Qs

  1. Hello,
    Today I found out that i I passed NCLEX in Frankfurt this Monday.I live in Belarus and there are no preparation courses. I prepared the next way. I read Mosby and write a list of words and diseases I couldn't understand I search them in internet and printed. Also I printed on-line medical encyclopedia and from all of that I made 3 alphabetically ordered volumes. If I didn't know anything I just check it up there, very convenient. Then I read Kaplan and Saunders 3-rd edition, but I did only Kaplan questions. Then I finished nscbn on-line course, but I did only questions without theory review.In general I did about 3000 questions before the test.
    When I get to Frankfurt I stayed in hotel Tourist, that's a nice place and Frankfurt very beautiful too. Regardless all advices on this forum I practiced questions the evening and morning before the test,because I had test at 12.45. On the test I had 75 Questions with about 8 multiple-choise, many priority, delegation and psychiatry. So now I'm so happy to know I passed it! I wish everyone on this forum to pass that exam!
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