NCLEX in 19 days!

  1. ANy advice? I have been studying Uworld. What else you would recommend.
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  3. by   JustANurse2018
    Give yourself plenty of time to study. For myself, I studied for 3 weeks before I took my exam. I was working a new job at the time, 8-5, so Monday through Friday I would study 3 hours after work. Then on the weekends, I would study 8 hours a day. If you choose to study online, make sure that is all you are focusing on--do not go to other websites even though it may be tempting. Also don't get too discouraged if you do not score too highly on the pre-tests; just read through the explanation as to why the answer is correct, and try to incorporate that way of thinking into the next question. However, each question is going to require a different way of thinking, but there are several methods to choose from that can usually help you answer the question. I actually used Kaplan and not UWorld, so some of my tips may not work...but hopefully there is something to be gained by what I've written. Good luck...and go in with the attitude you are coming out a nurse!
  4. by   Silverdragon102
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  5. by   RNBSN1Z
    Thank you so much for your advice! It will be my second time taking it I am just so nervous. On my first one I had report that I was in near passing with 265 question. I know I was rushing through the exam too. This time I want to take my time and read questions couple time before I answer.
  6. by   2016srnfcc
    maybe you can try lacharity PDA. Dont need to buy the book you can do questions on quizlet to help with the priority questions? idk what are you doing this time around that is different from your first attempt?
  7. by   RNBSN1Z
    Thanks I did purchase Lachariy book and practicing that in evolve online.Thanks for the advice!