1. Hi im new to allnurses i took my nclex-rn on tuesday 24th just found out i failed; i used Saunder's 3rd edition and nclexrn 3500 any suggestions what is Suzann's study tips and how do i contact her to get started i also heard Kaplain is good just very discourage dont know where to get started.
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    Hi Smith

    Don't worry dear. I am a nurse from India and cleared NCLEX-RN on Oct 16th. I have practiced more on CD's and also you should be well thorough with basic knowledge in fluids and electrolytes, medications according to each system disorders. I prefered Saunder's NCLEX-RN as main book for study and Judith Miller NCLEX-RN, Mosby's and Kaplan as references.. Also practiced CD's of all these books and mainly practice on this offers many useful questions in various topics this really helped me in last minute preparation and try to note down the rationale they offered. I wish you all the best in your future exam.......
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    hello, lsmith and welcome to

    to contact suzanne, please send her a private message and give her the information about what type of nclex exam you will sit as well as your contact information.

    send a private message to suzanne4

    enjoy the site and good luck!