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  1. Hi, out there. What a great site!! I am in need of some assistance. I attended nursing school 6 years ago and did not take the boards. I contacted the BRN and am good to go, but ? is how to review for this. What is best way to achieve success with boards in my situation??
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  3. by   nurse4theplanet
    6 years? Why so long if you don't mind answering? Have you attempted to find a refresher course...most times offered to students who fail boards multiple times or nurses who have left nursing and came back later...don't know if you would qualify but its worth a shot.

    Otherwise, get into a really good face to face review course like Hurst...or whatever is local in your area. If you are willing to fork out the $$$ you can hire a private 1 to 1 Nclex Prep...they are listed on the web when you google NCLEX Review and someone(director/instructor) from your nursing school may be able to refer you.

    Good luck
  4. by   DolphinRN84
    Hey al1482 There have been a couple people on this forum that have been out of school for 10+ years and have still managed to pass the NCLEX. I recommend Saunder's Comprehensive Review 3rd edition. This book is excellent for content review. Also if you can afford it, I recommend Kaplan's Q-bank and Question Trainer. The class is kind of a waste since all they teach you is test taking strategies while doing 75 questions every class and not really content. That's where the Saunder's book comes in. I used Saunder's and Kaplan together and passed NCLEX first time with 75 questions. If you can't afford Kaplan, check the sticky on top of this forum that says "First tip of my new study guide." The co-moderator of this forum, Suzanne4, has a 6 week plan using Saunder's book. Her plan is free and she has a 100% passing rate. All you need to do is follow the sticky at the top of the forum to its entirety. After that, PM Suzanne with your email address and she will send you her plan via email. Hope this has answered your question. Good luck!
  5. by   cleo1104
    Hi! I am sure you will do just fine with what ever you decide to do. I used Health Career Concepts. They have free study plans, free questions, free flash cards and games. I also used their NCLEX on MP3 player.

    Kaplan is good as well. Shop around and find what suits your needs.Maye a refresher course if you feel you need to review content?
  6. by   al1482
    I did not take boards right away related to marital issues. After marital issuse were resolved one of my children required hospitalization followed by one year of homeschooling. Next but not least, we had horrible wildfires (national disaster area) followed by extreme flooding. This was truly just a run of bad luck!!!
    I have looked into R.N. refresher courses, but they require you to be licensed as an R.N. first.
    Has anyone used ATI Virtual NCLEX review?
    I will look @ the sticky. Thanks for the info regarding Kaplan. I have also heard that saunders provides a good review. I am considering employment as a cna/ pt care assistant until interim permit to get back into basic pt care, time management, and back into hospital setting. Plus I thought it couldn't hurt to have a foot in the door to help transition into an entry level R.N. position.
  7. by   cute123
    Thanks for the tips, but I am new to the forum, how can I find the sticky?
  8. by   hlfpnt
    Quote from cute123
    Thanks for the tips, but I am new to the forum, how can I find the sticky?
    The sticky is at the top of this forum & is titled "The First Tip of My New Study Guide".
    To the original poster, my best friend was out of nursing school for 12 years before taking her boards. She used Suander's Comprehensive Review 3rd edition for RN & just recently passed the first time. Hope this gives you some encouragement , all my best to you!