NCLEX for a new kid starting Block 1

  1. Hi,

    Congrats to all of you for making it through and best of luck to all of you who are waiting or about to take the exam!
    I guarantee non of you would like to trade places with me since I'm just about to start Block 1 in July! Woohoo! HAHA

    I'm wondering if anyone would mind telling me when they actually started studying for the NCLEX and if they could give some advice when they would have started "if they only knew then..." or found it helpful to start right away answering questions even though you might not have known any of it just to get a feel and idea of what's to come.

    I know there's so much to come and to learn, but I hate wasting this down time before class starts and feel that I could be learning something that will help me be more prepared...for anything!

    If I'm crazy to be thinking so far ahead, is there any advice on what I could be doing right now for the next month to get in the groove?

    Again, Congrats to you all! :bowingpur
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Nursing school is not the kind of education where you take a test and then forget about the material because you will never see it again. You need to adopt the mind set of continuous review and good study habits throughout your program. The better you learn the material as you go and retain it, the less time and effort you will need to spend at the end.
  4. by   bellatattoogirl
    Wow! Thanks for the reminder! Maybe I should have asked If I might be biting off more than I could chew right now due to my excitement. I like challenges and I like to be a head of my game, I also like to be realistic.
  5. by   pers
    When I went through school, nobody started studying till we were almost done. However, I do see how it would be helpful to have a content review book like Saunders as you go through school to help you focus. As you study a section in school, go over that section in Saunders and then do some practice questions covering that content. I don't think any student needs to do this extra work, but I think for those so motivated, it could help. At a minimum you'll be getting that much more experience answering NCLEX style questions.