NCLEX CUT OFF AT 85, scared I failed

  1. HI ALL,
    I took my NCLEX -PN today and it cut off at 85 questions. I had a ton of SATA back to back and quite a bit priority questions,no math, and 2-3 meds. I am ( like everyone who just took it ) very anxious and so scared I failed. Anyone know how SATA is graded? I left feeling 50/50 . I tried doing the person vue trick but I got to the credit card area but didn't put in my info because at the point I thought I failed. However, I did read that you have to put in your information and submit before the trick "works" . I am so scared I didn't pass this but still hopeful. If anyone has any feed back that would be most appreciated!!! Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   hopefulRN'17
    SATA is graded as right or wrong, there is no in between.

    You have to input your credit card information and see what the result is. If you plan on re registering should you not pass then enter your correct info. If you are not ready to re register then enter the wrong exp date.

    If you pass, it will not allow you to register. If you didn't pass, it will attempt to charge you.

    Best of luck!!