NCLEX August 2017

  1. Hi Everyone....I promised myself that if I passed the NCLEX I would post a comment on here regarding the PVT trick. I am in California and took the NCLEX RN exam on Monday August 7th at 2pm. I did all 265 questions and completed the exam in about 4 hours. It was the most mentally exhausting exam of my life. After I was done, I left feeling defeated. I knew for sure that I had failed. I got home about an hour later and tried the PVT and got the "good pop up". I was excited! From everything I read this was a good sign. About three hours later I tried it again and started getting the "bad pop ups". So this is where the rollercoaster of emotions began. I thought I failed, got the good pop up...then the bad...I scoured the internet and this website for hopeful information. Ultimately at the end I gave up....I started praying and asked God to just get me through this. I had prepared for the exam and for crying out loud I just wanted to be done with it. I spent all of Tuesday cleaning and keeping distracted. Early this morning around 3am, I woke up in a jolt and decided to check Breeze.....and there it license number!!! I am currently an RN!! So for those of you out there in a similar boat...don't lose hope...the PVT works for some but not for all. I did exactly what I was supposed to entering the credit card number and I was still getting the bad pop ups. Some posts said I did it too soon, others say they did it sooner and it worked for them. So the PVT is not the definitive answer. And if I can give one last piece of advice. During the exam, take the breaks. I didn't and I probably should have to help give my mind a little break. Good luck to everyone and you can do this!!!
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