nclex anxiety

  1. hi guys. iam scheduled to take my exam this march and right now, im having a mild anxiety. i am also following suzannes tip to pass nclex. hope it wud b of much help... any advise from those who passed? thanks..
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  3. by   rn_888
    hi....i know the take nclex this coming april freaking out! i guess we need to focus and sharpen our memory...and lots of PRAYERS and everything will follow...goodluck and GOD BLESS! keep posting! by the way, where will u take the exam?? what materials are u using right now aside from saunders??
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  4. by   Leilah75_RN
    i too will be taking the test here in CA this coming MArch. i am trying not to be anxious as much as possible. but it is difficult. i am about to finish the book so hopefully i will be able to start wit Suzanne's plan late next week. will schedule my test once i am done with the plan. 2-3rd week of march is my target date of test. wish me luck. best of luck to all of us:P

    i have another saunders CD called saunders nclex RN international edition. but i cant bloody use it at the moment since it is stucked inside my husband's CPU grrrrr cant get it out so sudden wahhhhh:wink2: :wink2: :wink2:
  5. by   RGN1
    I hear where you're all coming from but don't waste time on anxiety!

    Use the study program you have decided upon & work your way through it systematically. Then do as many practice questions you can up until 2 days before the exam (no more than 75 per day though because your brain won't take any more in after that). The day before go out, see a movie, shop etc, then get an early night.

    Well before make sure you know the way to the exam centre (& alternatives should there be traffic/transport problems) or book a hotel room nearby - really worth doing if you have young kids who may wake you during the night &/or if you have a long commute.

    Learn a relaxation technique that works for you so you can use it if needs be before, during & after the exam.

    Learn those strategies for answering the questions & above all be positive - you know the stuff - you just need to prove it!

    Think priority - if you could only do one thing for the patient before you walked away then what would that be? Think ABC's but watch out for those red herrings - the airway patient might still be stable - is someone else actually less stable? Remember Maslow, it might help you decide which is the right answer. An "initial" thing is usually an assessment answer. If there's a nursing option as opposed to a medical one it's probably the right thing.

    Hope that helps - now go beat that beast!!