1. Hi guys, well I took the nclex today after having an issue due to my license last names didn't match the one on the Att. So I was denied to take the test, hurried and went to the d,v fixed the problem, it was a mistake that they reversed my last names. Anyways took the test like 45 minutes ago, rushed home and did the pvt, and the status for the nclex said 'delivered' did the trick. But I got a pop up that said that my result are on hold and I cannot register at the moment. Does it mean that I should wait a little longer until they aren't on hold or what!?
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    On hold means that your test & results are being reviewed by quality control/assurance. Did you have any issues when signing in or testing (i.e. issues with palm scan, ID issues, computer issues, stood up instead of raising hand)? Break any rules such as cell phone use during break, bringing test review materials into building, write on white board before tutorial is completed, etc? Did you test very quickly or finish a low # of questions in a long test time (i.e 6hrs to complete 75 questions or complete 75 questions in 25 minutes)? Have you tested before and this time was very different (last time 265 questions in 5 hours, this time 89 questions in less than an hour)?

    If there were no issues and no major/minor rule violations, your hold status could be a random quality assurance audit. It happens.

    Regardless of the reason you won't be able to try the PVT until your states changes from results on hold. You also won't be able to check quick results until your test is out of results on hold status. The results won't be released to your BoN until the audit of your test is completed.

    If you did nothing wrong, it's just a game of hurry up and wait.

    If there was a minor problem (stood up when done instead of raising hand when complete), you'll just have to wait until they review the audio, video and your keystrokes to make certain nothing improper happened.

    If on the other hand you broke a major rule, such as using your cell phone or brought in test review material it's possible that your test will be invalidated and the occurrance will be reported to your BoN for review. (Those who have broken the no cell phone during testing rule have reported that they been barred from re-testing, results invalidated, and investigated by the board of nursin; at least one has been denied licensing as a nurse.)