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  1. Hi everyone! I decided to write this post to hopefully help someone else who is my shoes. I took the NCLEX on Monday. As I was answering my questions I was feeling really good! I got a ton of SATA and priority Questions. Then.. my test shut off at 75 questions! I felt great, I knew I was doing well throughout the test so I really felt like I passed. I enjoyed the rest of my day, keeping busy while waiting for 48 hours to pass so I could get my quick results. Well, by Tuesday I started to get really nervous and started searching to see if people fail in 75 question. Honestly, I was really surprised at the number of forums I read written by people who had failed with 75 questions. I had myself in a complete panic at that point. The next 24 hours was pure torture and I absolutely was convinced that I failed. Then, Wednesday morning I found out I passed!

    So, whats my point in telling you all of this?

    I don't want anyone else freaking out like I did. I know it's only natural to be nervous waiting for your results but just keep in mind that your gut is probably right. If you felt like you were answering questions correctly, you probably were! Don't second guess yourself, just stay calm and for your own sake.. stop searching to see if other people passed or failed with your number of questions!!
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  3. by   hopetopassnclex
    Congratulations! I love your advice. Please what materials did you use to study and do you think they were helpful? Good-luck in your search for a Job.
  4. by   amrn710
    Thank you! I used Kaplan to study. I used the Q bank Questions as well as the question trainers. I found it very helpful. whatever you use though, make sure to read the rationales! This is the most important part!
    good luck