Nclex 7/1/13 Official RN 7/2/13 Test Study Peers passed & failed

  1. Just wanting to share what I can while staying ethical.

    I had 150 questions. First 50 questions, I'm not exaggerating, had approximately 30 sata. Panicked when 75 came and went. So, good advice: PLAN on taking all 265 so that you don't allow test to become mental game, AND you build test taking stamina.

    Do NOT be that girl who brought STUDY materials with her!! For goodness sake's it says 50 times that is prohibited and the PV staff had to decide whether to make her forfeit her test day. And the girl laughs saying, "Oh my God, are you serious, ha ha" -People it tells you exactly what to take, what not to take, honor that. After she laughed at them, I was hoping they'd kick her out. What you have to understand, at least at my test site, they will only address ONE thing at a time. So as I'm being scanned so that I can get rolling, my stuff is put on hold and shut down so that the woman could walk over and address the fool who brought a freakin Nclex book.

    I took one unscheduled break, declined the two automatic ones. I went when I felt like I needed to regroup. I used the restroom and stretched.

    The thing is, if you graduated nursing school, you know this material. But I will share this, in our group this past week (and some Monday) EVERY one of us was certain we failed. That just comes with Nclex. Our top graduate got cut off at 75 and cried, fearing she failed. Two of our peers took ALL 265! One passed, one failed...And contrary to belief the one that passed said she knew she got that last one wrong because she remembered to research it later-and she obviously was above the "pass" line at this point.

    So far, there is only one person that has failed-and I know she's a bright graduate nurse, but she has severe test anxiety. If you have that you really need to pull up a practice exam (I used nothing but Saunders CD and made 100 question exams, selecting alternate test forms so that I could get SATA drop/drags etc-and that helped me) and each practice test you take tell yourself like you mean it that this practice exam is your Nclex. Make each one that important so that you prepare mentally. If you know you have test anxiety and you're just saving it for the real test it's not going to do any good; fake yourself out over and over and when you sit for Nclex you tell yourself the exact same thing you did while preparing.

    PV trick has been 100% for our group. After you sign in to PV, make sure you see "delivery successful" before you click register; if it hasn't been delivered successfully, there's no point checking. One of us received "payment" screen, aka CC screen, and did in fact not pass. I received "At this time our records indicate..." pop up, aka Good Pop Up, approximately 2 hours after test. My board had my license number posted 23 hours from the time I took my test.

    The first thing I did was sign my signature and put RN after it. Dang that looked good.

    Wish you future test takers good luck, and congrats for the new RNs.
    If you're retaking it, guess what? You know what to expect, so stay calm and take breaks whenever you feel your heart in your throat. You can pass this!
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    Congrats, and thanks for the great advise!
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    How do the breaks work. How many scheduled, and unscheduled can you have? How long are they?
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    Idk how the many breaks you get since I was only in there a little over two hours. At the two hours mark, I was at question 66. I needed to regroup, pray and use the bathroom lol. I suggest taking the break, but dont stay too long ( I think I was back within 10 minutes) because your clock is still ticking.