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    Question to you all about the NCLEX. I know that many of you, if not all of you have completed the NCLEX with success. I have not been. Little bit of background, graduated from a well established school with a BSN. Came out, studied for a month, went through the Kaplan program, failed in 265. Studied again, using the Learning Extension Program, failed in 265. First time I took it in an hour and forty five minutes. Second time around, took it in five hours. Same result. I worked as an ICU nurse on orientation for five weeks, until I failed the second time. I was given the option to work as a PCT, or take some time off. Out of shear embarressment, I opted to take the time of rather then being demoted. My question to anyone out there that has failed or knows someone who has failed, like me. What is the key to success after a failure. I feel confident right now, I felt confident before. I am confused as to why this is not working on for me. My spirits are still up, but I dont think I can take another failure. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  3. by   NurseEmi
    <P>hi there attrain15. i am so sorry to hear about you situation with nclex. i am a new grad as well and i just took the boards on the 9th. i am still waiting for my results. i had, i believe, 200 questions. that's the last number i saw before the screen went blank. i can totally relate to how you are feeling.</P>
    <P>i have been a nervous wreck these past few days while i wallow in my misery of not knowing the results and having left the test feeling extremely crappy. </P>
    <P>my only advice for you is to try not to give up and the boards, in my opinion, was designed to play mind games with our psyche. just like you i took the kaplan course and i want to believe that i was well prepared for the exam but i feel otherwise. </P>
    <P>what i have gathered from reading other people's threads it to study as many questions as you can and try not to "memorize" everything. good luck...</P>
  4. by   Matilda50
    i would check the sticky at top of thread new revised first tip of suzanne's plan. i am using it i will be taking it a 3x in oct. keep your head and have faith , believe and you will succeed. we never know why god puts us in theses situations but, know he knows what should happen in our future that we will never know because we did everything would be easy. don't give up and stay determined god will follow through. i left my icu internship postion after my 2x to study because i did not have i felt too much prssure your doing the right thing. less stress as possible. i always kept in my mind i will be back and there are so many rn positions out there. right now my goal is im going to pass this test next fri with suzanne plan with god.

  5. by   NCLEX owns me
    I am in the same boat as you two. I have failed two times now. I had (have) an OR job waiting on me. I feel like it's just added pressure to pass which is making me fail! I don't know what to do, for how long, etc. My husband suggested studying for 5 hours a day for the next 3 weeks and then taking it. I don't know if that will be enough; especially for a two-time-flunkie! I have a hard time retaining any of the material because it is so dry (I swear I have ADD even though I have been tested). I am seriously considering pursuing another career at this point. I have $70K in loans that have already kicked in!!
  6. by   caribbeanbeauty
    Don't give up...this is my advice to can beat it, don't let it beat you, others have been in a worst situation than won't be the first and you won't be the last.