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  1. Hey everyone, I took my NCLEX-PN on September 6, 2017. I'm waiting to get my quick results tomorrow on 9/8/17. I was so nervous before taking NCLEX. I slept only 2 hours the night before. I got to the testing center and tested with one of my classmates who kept freaking out. He made my anxiety go off the wall. I had 33 SATA, 2 put in order, 1 math, 2 pharm questions and 1 lab value related question. They gave sound proof headphones before I started the test and that helped me focus so much more. I'm the kind of test taker that can't stand any little noise around me because it sends me off track. The security was a lot, I had to get palm printed 4 times , picture taken and phone has to be sealed in a bag then placed in a locker. I had to pat myself down. Everyone at the test center was extremely nice. I got into the testing room and BOOM, started to sh*t my pants. I sat down and did the tutorial and once I put on the sound proof headphones I can hear my heart pounding. I had to tell myself "you got this, you started nursing school at 17 and you will be an 18 year old nurse". Then I clicked and started my test. While I was taking my test in my head I was thinking "well this isn't that hard or I must be really prepared". I had to take a break at 35 questions to just breathe. I came back and started to test again. I looked at my screen and see question 81, 82, 83, 84, 85 my heart is dropping slowly. I clicked next and THE SCREEN WENT BLUE. I was like no way did I finish. Walked out and did PVT got the "good pop up". I've been doing it every since and I'm still getting the good pop up! I just want to let everyone know that you do not have to be an "A" student to pass because I wasn't. I honestly felt that my school tests were a little harder than NCLEX. But we won't know for sure until I get my quick results tomorrow. 🤞🏽🤞🏽 Sorry for the long post, just wanted to ease some of your anxiety.

    I got my quick results on 9/8/2017.... PASSED!!!!
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