1. Hi everyone,

    i recenly just just found I failed the NCLEX exam for the 3rd .

    1st time - 111 questions and failed
    2nd time - 116 questions and failed
    3rd time - 235 questionsr ran out of time and failed

    i did a kaplan live review coarse and I completed all of uworld and on the Nclex rn sim predictor I got a very high chance of passing for Nclex , so it's completely frustrating on why I keep failing

    It is really a depressing feeling. I know not to give up . I just don't know where to start next . I know a lot of content it's just my critical thinking that gets me every time . I get down to the best two and choose the wrong answer . If anyone is in the Boston area and can help please and be a tutor . I read a lot about Hurt review let me know if anY review is good and helpful that helped those who passed
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  3. by   BSNbeDONE
    How do you know that you'd gotten down to the best two answers, and hadn't already eliminated the correct answer? This is not a question for you to answer here, necessarily; rather one that you should ask yourself in your reviewing. "Why" is it that you've chosen to eliminate those options, leaving the remaining two? What about those answers takes them out of the running as possibilities in regards to the question that is being asked?

    There apparently is something within the details that you are failing to link together. You might want to look at the simplest and most obvious detail provided to see if it really ties in with what is being asked, or if it's just needless fluff inserted to determine your ability to extract pertinent information which would guide you to the correct answer. Something to think about...

    Good luck on your next attempt!
  4. by   NurseBabe1841
    Do not give up! Read my story, I used Uworld. I failed my first time using Kaplan
  5. by   rnsocal16
    Did you try pvt for that 3 attempts?
  6. by   rachelnur
    Update : I failed my test on June 7th 2017

    i took it again on July 26th 2017, I got 265 questions again a lot of SATA and 1 math.

    I left the testing room feeling like i Ike I failed again

    I waited a week nothing cane in the mail on Thursday August 3rd I paid for quick results and found out I PASSED!!.. never loose hope ! I took this test 5 times took me a year and 2 months after I graduated to get my license just never give up and GOD brought you through Nusring school and he will help you with your test !!. PRAY ,PRAY,PRAY!! He will hear you ... GOD bless everyone preparing to take their test !

    I only used uworld and ATI for my last attempt .