My test is in 4 days and I just don't have the energy today ):

  1. A month ago, I didn't know I'd be scheduling my test the same time my period should be starting. Today is Friday, Oct 5, my test is Tuesday, Oct 9, and today I didn't feel like doing questions. I'm not sure if this is burn out or PMS. I just finished Kaplan's Question Trainer 7 with 265Q and got a 65%. Better than what I've been getting.. I'm supposed to be reviewing my previous tests and doing more questions but I just didn't feel like it today.. i wanted to wake up at 5AM but ended up sleeping in til 730.

    anyone got any tips to get my energy up? I can't seem to stay focused for more than 50Q. thanks.
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  3. by   CrazyJess
    Do you take breaks during the week? Your brain needs rest too. Relax for a bit. Get a massage, go to a park, watch a movie, call some friends, etc. Give yourself some time to recuperate. If you are already doing all these, then I would say try some other ways of studying other than answering questions, like listen to audio materials, watch some videos, or browse over your notes. But if you really don't feel like studying, don't force yourself. Give it a rest. It's normal to get burnt out.

    When I was doing my reviews, there were days too when I didn't wanna study at all. I think everyone experiences this, it's pretty normal. What I did was read some pass and fail stories from this site, and somehow that gave me motivation to go on. There were days when I just didn't wanna do anything review-related. So I just gave myself a break, I did things that make me happy like watch a movie or bake some goodies, etc. The following day, I was back on my normal level of energy.
  4. by   somin
    i feel the same way too, and i think i will reschedule my test which i know is not a good thing but i cant afford to failed again. this will be my second try. i think u just need to relax and do nothing in regards with studying, u cant force urself to study coz in my own experience i would end up wasting time not every single word i read retained in my brain. my problem also is i work night shift and im always tired after my shift, i can sleep all day but stil tired waking up that i cant concentrate studying. anyone here work nights too? any advice?
  5. by   dreaming88
    i felt like that today my head was hurting i was in starbucks in a ball of tears i had been studying for at least four hours so i stoped i felt really bad but i needed a break i went home talk with my kids and husband for a while now the tim is 1am and ive been studying for another 2 hours but im out of que cards for pharm so im going to bed and start again when im done praising my father god keep pushine youve come to far to stop now......i dont know if you believe in god or not but if you call on him when you are week he will give you strength god bless
  6. by   lavender59
    Make use of all the time left before the big day. Take breaks when needed. Motivate yourself that you don't want to take this exam multiple times.