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My teacher at school is giving me negative motivations. She is the kind of a person who always have the attitude of "not good enough" I'm taking my NCLEX board this wednesday. And I need... Read More

  1. by   Altruisticnurse
    Hi, when I read your post I couldn't help feel like I was in the same boat as you. In July, I took the NCLEX after studying not nearly as hard as you have been. In college, I was usually a good test taker, but I knew that the NCLEX was no joke, and studied accordingly. Going in to the test center (after not sleeping at all the night before) I was a bundle of caffeine-fueled nerves. My advisor had told me I "wasn't ready" and that I should reschedule. After the first 75 questions, I expected the computer to shut off, but it didn't. 262 questions later, I was done. I went out to my vehicle and called my advisor. She said that I probably didn't pass and that I should have followed her advice and rescheduled. Two (or three) weeks later, I found out I had passed!
    Long story short, it was kind of fun to inform my advisor that I had passed. My advice to you is to go in there and just take the test and apply what you have learned and studied about in school. You'll do fine! If you don't you can always take the test again.