My Crew Passed NCLEX with ReMar Review 2013

  1. I am so happy to post this not only for myself but I wanted to share the joy and let other people know. All 5 of my friends have now passed their NCLEX RN and we are working as nurses. Although not at the same hospital like we planned.

    Anyways the material of choice was ReMar Review; some did the self study program and others chose the private tutoring. Even though the information is basically the same it makes a difference which route you choose. My friend who had taken NCLEX 4 times chose to do the private tutoring and I believe it made a giant difference in her confidence and desire to test again. She was the last person to test and she passed! Another friend failed once and did the ReMar self study DVD program and the next time passed with 75 questions.

    MY ADVICE: I used the same ReMar materials as my friends but when we talk about it; we all had totally different experiences. What works for one does not always work for all. I would suggest anyone who has failed NCLEX multiple times not do the self study program. You may need more help than you think, your studying alone may not cut it! Or if you do try to do the self study program I would email Regina every step of the way. I still facebook her at times and she gives me great advice. Also you need to find another source for questions. This review focuses on showing you the information but you still have to do questions to make sure you are seeing the big picture. There are so many distractors in those darn questions. NCLEX gave me diseases that had nothing to do with what they were really asking. I also got so many priority questions and I would have been completely lost without the stuff I learned during remar review. Forget ABC, it was not that easy! So glad it's over!

    NCLEX is one of those exams that you are totally consumed with and it takes up your whole life but when look you back it's like why did I stress so much over this exam? It's weird but real nursing is so much harder than NCLEX could ever be.

    I honestly encourage you all to try this program if it seems like something that is right for you. My whole crew passed thanks to ReMar Review!
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  3. by   RedNavy
    Thanks for the advice! I'm currently using remar and I hope I'm successful!
  4. by   2013rn2BScorpio
    Congratulations! What source did you use for questions
  5. by   sosopretty08
    I am having trouble answering on my iPad but I did Saunders as well, I actually did 2 Saunders one was a old one I found in my schools lunch room. The questions are not like NCLEX but by the end I knew so much content I honestly believe I couldn't fail.
  6. by   sosopretty08
    Also somebody asked me in a private message about Remar I told that person a few things but most importantly to contact Regina if you are doing the self study program via email, you are supposed to keep in touch especially if you feel unsure. Keep confident and pick the safe answers.
  7. by   2013rn2BScorpio
    Thanks so much
  8. by   2013rn2BScorpio
    Do you feel Remar fully prepared you?
  9. by   sosopretty08
    Quote from 2013rnscorpio
    Do you feel Remar fully prepared you?
    The purpose of the review was to help me pass NCLEX and I did so yea it fully prepared me.
  10. by   2013rn2BScorpio
    Thank you. I asked because I'm doing it now & it just doesn't seem like enough sometimes
  11. by   sosopretty08
    Quote from 2013rnscorpio
    Thank you. I asked because I'm doing it now & it just doesn't seem like enough sometimes
    Ok, keep positive. Are you doing the self study program? If you don't feel like its enough try supplementing with another resource for questions.
  12. by   2013rn2BScorpio
    Yes I'm doing the self study program. Thanks for the encouragement & advice.
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  14. by   cwillard1
    Is the Remar review for PN 's as well?