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  1. Hi everyone! I took my NCLEX at the beginning of Feb. and found out I did not pass. I took it to 265 and besides a lot of priority questions, I received medication questions that I had never heard of. My question is.......Does anyone have any suggestions such as flashcards, certain books or computer learning tools that will help familiarize me with meds? I already have a Davis Drug guide but I have no idea how to study for this part of the exam. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Pucca73
    I struggled with medication when I prepared NCLEX. I used Kaplan book. In the back of the Kaplan book, there is a section just for medication. I think memorization and practicing are the ways to study the meds. When I took the NCLEX, I got many many meds questions (even herbs), but I saw them somewhere in Kaplan and its Q-bank or Sandure's CD. Talking about Kaplan, use their Q-bank (about $300, you don't have to sign on the class), it is very helpful. Good luck to you. :blushkiss
  4. by   jasmin10
    study your meds by classes... study the side effects and adverse reaction for each class... understand what is the purpose of the drug and what is the nurse's role when he/she gives the medication (knowledge in contraindication with other drugs, how it is taken, etc.)