May grads, how are you studying for NCLEX?

  1. Hello to all my fellow May grads.... I was wondering if you could share your studying techniques. Maybe we can learn from each other. I go through one section in my NLCEX ( usually one body system) per day or two days if its a big section. I skim it if I feel comfortable and highlight and read if I am not comfortable (peds and L&D!!) Then I go through about 100 questions about that system. Lets hear how you are doing it!!!
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    I took the Mosby's assess test today and that should tell me what I have to study and how much. I am planning to take an NCLEX review course in May and that includes a CD and several online practice exams and 4 days of live instruction. Then I'll just use my NCLEX review books to study after that. (hope it works) cuz if the NCLEX is anything like the Mosby's I'm not sure if I'll be able to stand it!
    Please, please let me pass before the 265th question!!!!!!!
  4. by   suzielee
    Our finals (NCLEX)were much more difficult then any of the sample tests in Mosbys. Everyone in my school that just reviewed the NCLEX books like Mosbys either failed the exam or came really close to it. I suggest you review your modules several times. Its alot of work but it will gaurantee you success. The NCLEX books are very vague compared to the exams. They dont have enough detail on the disease process, patho, specific med side effects etc. You need a broader knowledge base to pass then what is in those books. They are a big waste of money! Good luck- 52% of our graduating class failed the test on April 15th. They are brutal. Study hard!
  5. by   Gator,SN
    I agree that you need to do more than just study the review books, but I think that they are supposed to be a review of the already aquired knowledge base that students get during the enitre nursing program and practice questions are meant to broadly survey that knowledge.
    The Mosby's assess test that I took is supposed to be an indicator of success/failure, not a definite answer. My school has used it for the past 4 years and the instuctors say that it is pretty much on target.
    In the past 4 years 100% of the graduating nurses from my program have passed the NCLEX on the first try.
    Good luck to all!
  6. by   jessjoy
    We are taking some sort of Assessment test (like the NCLEX) that we have to pass in order to graduate. I'm not sure if it is Mosby's or not. Out of the 60 people who graduated last December a handful failed it the first time but all passed it the second time. I have to take it on May 1st.....
  7. by   love4neos
    HI, not a student anymore, but took the NCLEX 2 years ago. I highly recomend taking a prep course...especially if you think you don't have good test taking skills (regardless of knowledge). I took a KAPLAN course. You would have to find out if there is one avail in your area, but it is well worth the cash. I felt totally confident with a boost in self esteem after taking that course. Take the course serious even if it is boring (because they are!). You'll all make it and be RNs before you know it!
  8. by   Gator,SN
    I am taking Drexel Excel prep coure, have you heard anything about this one??