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Good Afternoon all, i was wondering if anyone in Florida is waiting for their ATT and how long it took. I've been waiting for almost 2 weeks and i've heard some get it fast and some don't. i hope i... Read More

  1. by   jo_nathan
    i called today and they're by MAY 13th!!!! you're almost there!!!
  2. by   jo_nathan
    They never received my scans either i sent in the information today. They work EXTREMELY SLOW!
  3. by   TTLS
    What number do you call? I tried calling earlier and was on hold for at least 30 minutes.
  4. by   rebellefleur
    They are very slow. I may have to forfeit my job offer because I still have not received approval or my ATT. Very stressful.
  5. by   TTLS
    Finally got through to an actual human after being on hold for what felt like an eternity....she said they are now processing applications received on May 14th. She also noted that sometimes there is a delay between application date and when payment is received or posted in their system. In that case they use the payment date for application processing. Hopefully today is the day!
  6. by   jo_nathan
    They take between like 30- 40 minutes to answer!

    My friend applied on the 21st of May and she already got her ATT.

    i emailed them my Fingerprints so they can add them since they never got them and they were added within 24 hours. So needless to say they're all over the place and it can literally be anyway now!
  7. by   TTLS
    I received my ATT from Pearson this morning!
  8. by   Mgeorge88
  9. by   Mgeorge88
    Hopefully I get mine soon , I am getting so upset waiting for this
  10. by   saraharada
    Any updates for today? I applied March 15 and they received my school transcripts May 25th. I keep calling every day and they're telling me to wait 14 business days. I start my job July 2nd and it looks like I will need to forfeit my offer.
  11. by   Mgeorge88
    Too sad, I feel this is really unfair
    Those who applied on mid May already received their att, I can't believe I was once told it's first come, first serve...
    every day I called , I was told they are currently reviewing live scans that were received on May 17. ( it's been a whole week they stuck on that date)
    And my scans were received on May 25th. And I have no idea why they received them late if I done them on May 2nd
    I also was told to wait about 14 business days
  12. by   rebellefleur
    I got my approval today. Still no ATT but it's a step.
  13. by   jo_nathan
    Congrats to everyone that got their approval and Good Luck!