LPN- 3rd retake, should i take in another state

  1. Hi!

    I am asking this for a friend who is an LPN graduate close too 10 years ago, she failed the NCLEX-PN twice in Florida and she thinks if she takes it again the third time she will have to do a remediation program and she does not want to do that

    She asked me if she went to another state (she brought up new mexico) she would be able to take it more than the 3 time that florida has before remediation.

    Does anyone have any information in that being a reality

    Thank you
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  3. by   Extra Pickles
    She can apply to take the NCLEX, apply for a license in any state in which she meets the eligibility standard. What she wants to do is pass the NCLEX, get a license in another state, then endorse back to Florida to hope to get a license from them. Most of the time this works, some of the time it doesn't. It depends on the rules of the individual state. If she feels okay with working in New Mexico for a year or so should Florida require work experience, then maybe she wants to go that way. I think it's Georgia that now requires work experience if you want to play the game that your friend is trying to do. Maybe Florida hasn't caught on yet.

    Since your friend has been out of school for 10 years, failed the exam twice, taking a remediation course sounds like a really good idea actually. She isn't likely to pass without some type of remediation, is she?