Less than a week

  1. For the past almost 45 days I have been working out of the Saunders comprhensive books, Kaplan question trainer, Kaplan question bank and have also been reading the NCLEX made easy book. I also bought the delegating and prioritizing book and have done half of it.

    My scores on the question trainer are:

    I have done a couple of those twice to try and get the score higher. But what my problem is--I have this problem where I memorize as Im going what the answers are. So sometimes I know that answer because I've already seen the questions and have read through the rationales.

    What do you people think of these scores. I keep seeing people that say they got in the 70's and I can't even get over a 60. Are they getting 70's first try.

    I just hope Im prepared for Saturday. This is my second time taking the NCLEX and want to get it done.

    Not sure what more I can do.
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  3. by   hlfpnt
    Good luck to you!