Last Minute Tips

  1. Hey all- I am scheduled for NCLEX this Friday. I did well in school and I have been reviewing etc for a while, so it's not like I have been cramming. Was just wondering from you experienced folks out there if you have any last minute tips? This is my last hurdle to be able to get hired so I am open to any suggestions etc you all may have.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   AlaBro2010
    Try to relax. The only things I did the last few days was looking over the study guide that's passed around on this website but not endorsed by this website, go over medication prefixes/suffixes and lab results.
  4. by   crazy4disneyrn
    I don't have any tips myself, just wanted to wish you luck. I take the NCLEX next week and have been prepping for months. My school really focuses on ATI, especially in the last term. I have hit the books and questions hard this week in order to help prepare me, but I would love to get any last minute advice or tips others might have as well!
  5. by   pugmom79
    Thanks everyone! I have been very sick and finally went to the doctor because I want to be able to focus and not be sick for test day.
  6. by   begosh
    Good luck! Stay calm, read questions carefully, eliminate 2 incorrect answers as much as possible. When anxiety starts setting in, take a deep breath and pray. You got this!