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  1. Hi everyone,
    Am wondering if there is a better/ easy way to learn the ABG'S, chemistry values,hematology values and therapeutic drug levels, i am having difficulty craming them.
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  3. by   MomenTs
    Drug toxicity levels:

    Digoxin 2.0
    Lithium 2.0
    Theophylline 20


    Calcium 9/11 mg/dL Or 4.5-5.5 mEq -- RBC Female = 4.5-5.5 (approx)
    CVP 3/11 (Central venous pressure)

    Mg (24 year olders use magnum condum) 1.6-2.6 (Credit goes to someone who posted it a while ago, I don't remember who it was)
    Ammonia: You start moaning at 35 and stop at 65 (credit goes to someone who posted, don't remember who it was)

    Na 135 - 145
    Co2 (ABG) 35-45
  4. by   Wendy2006
    K+ 3.5 - 5
    Ca+ 4.5.- 5
    Mg 1.5-2.5
    Phos 1.8-2.6
    Na+ 135-145
    Cl 95-105
    Crt .5-1.2
    BUN 10-20
    PTT 60-70 or 1 ½ times higher if on Heparin
    PT 11.0 - 12.5 or 2.o -3.5 times higher if on coumadin
    INR 2.0-3.5 for coumadin
    WBC 5-10
    RBC 5
    HCT 40
    Hgb 15
    pH 7.35-7.45 (40)
    co2 35-35

    On vacation I -
    Ate 4 bananas with 5 glasses of milk, read 2 magazines about 2 fossils.
    Spent $140 on Napkins and a $100 on Clear heals.
    Did 15 BUN exercises and drank 1 Creatine shake .
    Met, 3 Idiots , 11 Pets and 65 Hunks.

    Ate 4 bananas (K+ found in bananas) with 5 glasses of milk (ca+ found in milk), read 2 magazines (magnesium) about 2 fossils (phosphorus).
    Spent $140 on Napkins (Na+)and a $100 on Clear heals. (Cl)
    Did 15 BUN exercises and drank 1 Creatine shake (Creatinine) .
    Met, 3 Idiots (I for INR),
    11 Pets ( P is for PT) and 65 Hunks. (H is for heparin’s PTT
  5. by   louiemed5
    I saw Wendy's post on lab values (under the IMPORTATNT post) and LUUUUUUVED it! I thought it was so clever, so I decided to come up with another one to help me out with some more lab values. Think...wacky spin off the dead sea scrolls.

    When R (RBC) the 5 people going to Write (WBC) the 7 stories about the 300 Plates (Platelets) found in all 15 HuGe (Hgb) caves?

    RBC: 4.5-5 mil
    WBC: 5,000-10,000
    Platelets: 200,000-400,000
    Hgb: 12-16 gms women; 14-18 gms men

    Remeber, NCLEX uses incredigly obvious highs or lows for get that middle number, and you're good to go.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   myacura2008
    Lithium 2.0??----I am so confusing.
    It is 1-1.5mEq/L in my Kaplan' review book.
    It is 1-1.2mEq/L if 1.5mEq/L RN need report to physician. That is in lippincott'book.
  7. by   hummingbird8191
    Chemistry Values
    Billy Rubin paid $0.60 to $1.35 for 6 to 8 steaks (protein) he ate for dinner. He ate so much his tummy hurt, so he thought drinking 35-65 gallons of Ammonia would make his tummy better. Instead he got dizzy and gravity ( urine specific gravity) was to strong he hit the floor at 1.01. to 1.030 miles per hour. His neighbor found him sleeping in his dog house so he tried to help Billy by giving him 70-110 lollipops (Glucose), he then got hungry again and decided to have 25-151 potatos (Amylase), while he was waiting for his food to cook he read 1.6 to 2.6 magazines (magnesium), he got so fat (Lipase) from all he ate he gained 160 pds .Billy decided he was better off drinking 0.6 to 1.35 bottles of a creatinine supplement, which made him big and strong. While he ate his clothes got stained, he washed it in 98-107 gallons of Clorox (chloride). By the time he got his cloth from the dryer all that was left of them was 2.7 to 4.5 fossils. (phosphorus). Billy then went to the park and bought 14-18 globos ( hemoglobin) from a Mexican and flew away. He flew so high his balloons began to pop and he landed in a pile 200,000-400,000 plates (plt). The plates belong to a street gang of white polar bears (WBC’s) of 5,000-10,000 members, Billy made them very mad. They chased him down the street when a group of 4.5-5.0 million Rescue Rangers (RBC’s) saved him from the angry mob. Billy had a long day & was ready to head home he flew so far he had to hitch hike back a group of Hippies (Hct) decided to pick him up, there were 40-48 women & 42-50 men it was a little bit crowded…but the hippies drove in two caravans made of Iron the women drove a caravan that went 50-170 mph, and the men had a caravan that went 65-175 mph. Billy liked to eat a lot but it started to give him chest pains he went to the doctor and told him he needed to bring his cholesterol back to normal which is 130-200. After he left the doctor he went to donate some plasma (plasma osmolality) for gas money they paid him 280-294 dollars. He filled up his car and drove home on his way home his car broke down when he noticed his car was spilling battery acid (uric acid) for 3.5-7.5 miles. Billy junked his car and went home on the bus. The end.

    Therapeutic Drug Levels
    Lithium Larry jump from a 0.8 to 1.5 story bldg.
    Grave digger dig buried Larry in a 0.5 to 2.0 hole.
    Dilan the tin head crushed 10 to 20 beer cans on his head.
    Theo called phylline 10-20 times on the phone but she never answered his calls.
    Gary went hunting and ate 4 to 10 micin bit off their heads.
    Couma Cary slept for 10-12 years and then King Kerry ( vit K antidote)kissed her and woke her up.
    Kerry & Cary went to the LOVEnox motel but it only lasted 20-45 seconds.
    Kerry wanted to go again but Cary had a headache so she swallowed 10-20 Tylenols and went back to sleep.
    Kerry got lonely and drove 100-250 miles looking for some new A*spirin .
    Magnesium Maggie married 4-7 men and served them soup with sulfate.
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