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Hello Everyone I need help My nclex exam is schedule for next week. I just finish kaplan test #7 I got a 50 , I'm so discourage. I' open for sugestion Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   GTammaro
    In my opinion, I'm sure Kaplan is going to be a huge help to those who take it. I took Kaplan and am scheduled to test on Monday teh 21st. Most of my friends who took Kaplan either didn't even do all the tests or got half way through test 7 and said the hell with it....long story short....THEY ALL PASSED! I got a 62 on Test 7 and I ran out of time, I read on somones forum that a kaplan instructor stated if you get a 66 on T7 then you have a 99% chance of passing first time.

    I also feel as if Kaplan makes you feel dumb at times....remember there is NO-WAY someone can be a new nurse and know it all.

    Best of luck to all!
  2. by   rockenmomRN
    okay, here's what i'm doing to review my review...before i go to bed at night i look over (and by that i mean very brief), more like scan over the info that i have already reviewed, not looking at the info that i went over that day. anything that sticks out as new, i write it in the margin. i did this for school as well to prepare for exams. info sticks, today i took the Q3 and I got a 71%, Q1&2 were 59% and 53%.

    yes by looking over this before you go to bed you willdream about it, but that will end soon...

    hope this helps