Kaplan helped me pass RN boards

  1. I would like to start off by thanking God for all of his many blessing that he has given me. This is my story on how I passed boards for the RN exam and hope that it helps someone. I graduated 2012 and first took boards in Feb. and was not successful with 127 questions. The only thing that I had studied was Hurst and felt like it only helped me with content. So I had to pray hard and decided to pay the five hundred dollars for Kaplan. I can say now that I did pass and all I did was Kaplan I know that it was Kaplan and God that helped me pass. I had Kaplan for months and with everything that was going on in my life I knew it was finally time for me to sit for boards again. I took boards on Sept. 20th and passed with 75 questions. I just want to say if you havent passed boards and feel like you know your content then next you need to know how to apply it to the test then you need to invest in Kaplan. Thanks and I hope this story is a blessing to someone.
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  3. by   KapGNRN
    Me too. I felt the questions more like kaplan and passed with 75Qs. Congrats
  4. by   oki_bebot
    Congrats to you guys! I hope you can help me. I will take the NCLEX this year.. Any tips? WHat books did you use?
  5. by   backtoschoolRN
    Congrats! I loved kaplan program when I took the boards 7 years ago! I tell everyone about it because I loved it!
  6. by   BSNbeDONE
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I only used the Kaplan book and had the same results back in 2010! Highly recommend anything Kaplan-related!!! Enjoy the celebration!!!
  7. by   aidafm
    Thank you for the post. I failed my nclex 3x... first time I used feuer review, second time I can't really remember, I was so busy in other aspects of my life. This third time I studied sooo much, I used saunders. I understood the questions much better than the other times. I don't understand what I did wrong, but I bet it was those lab and med questions. That was on September 16th. I found a last minute kaplan review course in my area, and going for it, I really hope that it would help me pick the right answer,. I will still use saunders for content.
  8. by   Tatinha
    Kaplan has a very effective study plan. Everyone in my class who did Kaplan passed the NClEX on their first try. The questions are very similar to the real questions, and when you take the real test you feel comfortable because it looks exactly like the practice tests.
  9. by   KassieAnn
    The BSN program I did essentially required you to take the Kaplan course after graduation and I am so glad they did. The actual course is less about the content (as surprising as that sounds) and more about teaching you how to take boards. NCLEX is all about critical thinking and Kaplan teaches you how to use a "decision tree" to get down to the correct answer. They teach you key words about the question format and what they are guiding you towards. It was shocking to see that many of the questions on the sample NCLEX questions we went through you could get down to the correct answer without even using nursing content, it is all about the question techniques (which seems a little wrong if you ask me) Our Kaplan instructor told us to not study from ANY OTHER RESOURCES other than the book and online practice tests they provide. I WOULD HIGHLY suggest the Kaplan course if you want to have a successful first pass on your boards.
  10. by   aidafm
    Thank you so much,. I was a bit hesitant about kaplan, but now I'm excited. ..I can't wait for Monday to start. Do you all think four days is enough time to go through it?
  11. by   RN2135
    To be honest I only used Kaplan. I didn't want to deal with all those other sources cause it was driving me crazy.lol
  12. by   RN2135
    To Aidafm four days is not enough. But who knows it just may be enough for you to learn the tips that they have.
  13. by   aidafm
    Hi rn2135, four days of class in person. And of course as long as it takes me to finish their online review, that's what they offer, let's hope it works. Thank you
  14. by   bhumipatel2004
    I did saunders and i am going to take exam in november.I was thinking about doing free questions and videos online.
    can anyone help me to focus on most important topics. I am not willing to buy kplan book or online course?
    So do anyone has other ideas?