Kaplan Diagnostic score

  1. I was wondering if anyone who took kaplan could explain what a good diagnostic score would be? I just took the diagnostic test (not the readiness one) and got a 65.5. Did anyone who attended the classes have the diagnostic test explained? what would a decent score be? I just want to know if I am starting in good shape or I really have a lot of work to do.
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  3. by   pumpkinspice555
    That's a very good score! They say if you get over a 60, then you are in good shape!
  4. by   Ella26
    Yes that is what I have heard also, anything over 60% is good. I got 72% on the diagnostic and 63% on the readiness. I think that translated into like a 94% chance of passing NCLEX-RN on the first try. I did about 90% of Qbank and all the Qtrainers. I studied for 5 weeks and passed NCLEX-RN with 75 questions in Feb. 2013 (before the new test plan-not sure if that matters). Just keep studying your weak areas, doing practice questions, make sure your really read the rationales.