Kaplan and NCLEX in Summer of 2009

  1. Okay, I test next week and I am scared to say the least. My scores are not that great for Kaplan. Should I postpone the test or take it?
    Question Trainer 1 53% -Took before class
    2 63%- Took before class
    3 48%- Took before class
    4 60%
    5 58%
    6 61%
    7 Gonna take this weekend.
    Quiz Bank average 58% ( I only have 100 left to do).

    I have been reading about people passing with similar scores...but not sure if I am read. I think I am borderline, but Kaplan book says 65%. Most people who get that score pass in 75. I hate to postpone. I just want this thing looming over my head to be done. I slacked off questions and I have done about 300 a day for about a week now. Trying to make up. My q-bank scores are now anywhere from 58-70%. I still need to review pharmacology (as it was not even required for graduation from our school!)

    Any advice would be great!
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