Just took NCLEX RN for 3rd time...when can I do PVT??

  1. I am so anxious/nervous/xcited/scared/and hopeful at this point! The first two time I tested I had all WYT ?'s and failed with all near passing results and I leterally cried during the test each time. I tested during the week and did PVT each time with an obvious fail. This time however after taking hurst I felt more confident, had 81 ?'s which luckily for me was a lot of stuff I felt familiar with 15 SATA. when it shut off I was in shock and excited at the same time so I flipped the computer the bird and thanked him for his time...hoping that doesnt bite me in the butt the proctor enjoyed it though. Can I still do the PVT on a saturday and get accurate results with that or do I need to wait the 48 hours?? I will check in 48 hours anyway I just want some sort of hope of passing this time.
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  3. by   MNoemi28
    Hello. I had the same question as well. I took nclex today and tried to pvt and got the good pop up... Keeping my fingers crossed it works saturday too!
  4. by   Lucy12784
    I got the good pop up as well...fingers crossed it still works do we have to wait until wed for unofficial results or Tuesday, this whole weekend thing is throwing me off lol
  5. by   MNoemi28
    I think tuesday we do the quick results because that will be two business days
  6. by   Lucy12784
    I was able to get my quick results already and I passed!! you should look, I thought it would take longer but was pleasantly surprised to see they were ready!
  7. by   MNoemi28
    Yes i checked this morning also and i passed as well! Congrats to you!
  8. by   Lucy12784
    Woo hop congrats to you as well!!!!!!!!
  9. by   Danielle318
    Congrats to both of you! Lucy did you only use Hurst
  10. by   Lucy12784
    I used Kaplan before I took it the second time. My scores indicated that I would do good but because I was week in content I never really got to the higher level questions and stayed there long enough. Hurst was amazing and I highly recommend it, Kaplan strategies are ok but to be honest when I tested this last time I didn't use any of there strategies and passed at 81 questions.