Just purchase the REMAR NCLEX REVIEW - page 2

I read GREAT review about REMAR NCLEX REVIEW. This will be my 3rd attempt taking the nclex exam. As of next week I will be a PRN Nurse Tech was working a full time night tech and tried to study for... Read More

  1. by   vanni1
    How did it go .. with studying using remar?? Did ya pass i too am thinking about buying the program
  2. by   Cw032371
    Does anyone have any advice for study fatigue. I have taken the Molex twice and failed twice. I am so sick of studying and have no motivation to do so. I read about Remar review and I have the quick facts book but I am so burnt out.
  3. by   faline
    Anyone who has used the Remar self study program have the DVD's to sell? I have quick facts paperback book and qf advanced dvd and im trying to use the study guide she made available and on the study guide, some of the activities to do are on the online academy workbook page 0 - 90. But unfortunately, filling out the answers to the workbook has been difficult without the DVD series and unfortunately, there is not a single person who has used the dvd self study who has passed who has tried to sell it. which honestly, boggles my mind. Does anyone have their 4 dvd's theyd like to sell? Thanks in advance!