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Ok folks -- Took NCLEX 8/19 for the second time and passed. First time around I only used Saunders to study and failed at 203 questions (I ran out of time at 6 hours) Round two I passed at 75... Read More

  1. by   MTICAC
    Hi, I took the nclex on July and I am getting ready to test again, I took the kaplan course but I never got the Q bank, I am using saunders, do you have any suggestions on how to use it more efficiently. I think I did the same thing like you the first time I spent most of my time reviewing content, and not enough on answering questions. I am so happy for you, and I hope that I pass too. I am not sure when I should schedule my test I was thinking by october.
  2. by   sunny2006
    I agree!! What you said was EXACTLY what helped me pass my boards the 2nd time.

    The infection control site you put up also helped me pass the boards...in fact, the infection control site was why I passed the boards! (and Q-bank)

    Congrats on passing the boards!
  3. by   blessed1702
    Congratulations!!! Also, thanks for your advice, I need it!
  4. by   bettorjon
    May I just ask you a few questions?

    1. What you mean is, you gave more concentration on how NCLEX questions were being asked than giving more time in understanding the content of the book that you were reviewing?

    2. Do you recommend me to study the Saunders comprehensive book?

    3. How did you study for your NCLEX?

    Thank you so much