Is NCLEX more like Kaplan Questions or Saunders Questions??? - page 2

Hi! This is for the ones who have already taken the NCLEX RN and studied both Saunders and Kaplan. Are the actual NCLEX-RN questions presented more like the Kaplan questions or the Saunders... Read More

  1. by   passion4womyn
    thanks for clarifying the comment about sharing ideas for NCLEXi get tired of some past test takers that say it's not ok to discuss nclex, as long as your not posting actual questions.People get together and share actual nclex all the time, if there not doing it on the web, theyre doing it behind CLOSED doors, and how do you stop that.Ive heard of people actually reporting to boards because people were discussing NCLEX, some would tell thosse people to get a life and find something better to do with ur time,lol.but i wouldnt,lol