is it right postponing dates?

  1. hi all i am preparing for my nclex rn with ncsbn,la chrity book ...some from kaplan i feel still not prepared and i've to learn more...i got my att too i keep changing my every week becos of this feeling it right ?is it only me ? i got date till june it right postponed am kind a confused ...some times i feel am ready some times i didnt do enough ... already i failed ...swhen the date comes nearby i post pone it to next week please advise or suggest ....:spin:
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you have changed your date several times, just go ahead and change it to three months out. Don't change it anymore after doing this. Three months is plenty of time to prepare effectively. Then get down to business and use your three months to do what you've got to do. Good luck.