Is 45days enough time to review for NCLEX?

  1. So i graduated last yr. and got my BSN in the Philippines. Took the PH board exam and got my license there. Im back in US, and just received my eligibility to take NCLEX-RN exam for California. I work 4days with 2days off. Question is, will 45 days of reviewing be sufficient for me to pass the NCLEX? any tips and advice is greatly appreciated
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  3. by   RNNPICU
    Hard to say, some people need 2 weeks some people need 3 months. Start by doing practice questions and reviewing the rationales for all of the questions (those answered correctly and those you missed). If you are able to feel confident in your answers and seem to be doing well, then yes 45 days is enough. If you are struggling and don't understand why you are not answering the questions with the best answer then you may need more time