Initial License Information (VN)

  1. Hi All! I'm new to the site! Just wanted to ask a few questions because calling the BoN is nearly impossible!!
    So first of, I took the NCLEX PN here in Ca on September 5, 2018. I got a letter in the mail about a week later saying "Initial License Information" and then under it it says "Congratulations, you have met the requirements for licensure as vocational nurse or psychiatric technician". I'm so confused because it doesn't say I passed but it's telling me the fee for a license ($150). So does that mean I passed? I paid the fee but my breeze account says pending.. and no license information. Help!! Thank you
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  3. by   Alexxj10
    Yes it means you passed!! When they ask you to pay for the VN initial license thing it means you passed! Now you just have to wait for your license to be posted!

  4. by   jtboy29
    I took my NCLEX PN a day before you did on the 4th got the same letter a week later. The word "congratulations" should of been the first hint that you passed. It takes a while for it be processed so hopefully soon. I paid for my initial license on the 14th and got my license posted and everything on the 17th. I hope by the time you see this you got your license posted.