im taking my nclex tomorrow at 10:30am here eastern time

  1. hey guys. i am taking my nclex exam tomorrow. this is not the first time. i hope i can make it this time. i really wanted to pass. i dont want any gifts this christmas except for passing the NCLEX RN exam. please help me pray for the success of my test. congratulations to everyone out there who just passed the test. i hope i can be like you guys and so my parents will be more proud of me. i leave everything to GOD...
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I'm praying with you and truly hope you will pass your NCLEX exam. Be sure to walk into the test center confidently and believing in your abilities.
  4. by   logkem
    Go for it you can do it. Just took mine on 12/9/05. Find out on 12/14/05 that I PASSED. i WISH YOU THESAME.
  5. by   aiming
    just do your best and leave the rest to god. i wish you goodluck on your exam. you can do it!! have trust.:-)
  6. by   lexus380
    do your best i will ad you in my prayrs tonight i feel like you do took mines today,i am trying not to think about know this when you enter into your exam The Devil is a liar. i said that to myself before i started
  7. by   nursingone
    Hi .

    You can do all things thru Christ that strengthens you. Relax and pray you will pass. Good luck.