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OMG i took the nclex today....it shut off at 85....I think I know I failed? Please tell me what the point of studying was, I even had a 3 day review course taught by some very intelligent people from... Read More

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    I can relate to how you feel.... I took my nclex the week of thanksgiving.. and my appetite that is usually their for thanksgiving automatically disappeared.... but have faith.. I walked out of the exam room thinking that I failed... but when I got my results two days after I was the happiest nurse out there.... So relax today... and tomorrow.... So that when you get your results ... You can celebrate....
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    congratulations!!!!! good news for both of us....got my results last night and i PASSED TOO!!! woo hoo!!
    Congrats to Aviannahhasmyheart and to Kayleigh!!! I live in California and took the test on the 3rd of December. I have to wait another week to get my results. You are so lucky. I am being tortured over here!!!!!
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    Since you took the nclex and passed, Can you please tell me how long it takes for you take the nclex after graduation?? How long did it take for you to get your results???
  6. by   aviahhasmyheart
    I think i got my papers in the mail about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks after graduation. i paid for the actual nclex online so that was fast i got info back in like a day or two saying they got my money and that i could register to take the test.....i made my appt for the nclex at that time.....they give u a choice of days they have available to take the test......after i took the test i checked the pa state board website 48 hours later and saw that my name was on the list of people with licenses which meant I passed but my actual results wont come in the mail for 2 to 4 weeks....i hope this was helpful!!
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    Thanks Aviah!

    I was very curious because our school tells us NOTHING!! I live in Havertown, PA and I graduate January 31st. I am very anxious to take the test, but Med-Surge seems like it is never ending! May I ask what study materials did you use? Our school gave us several review courses that we have to give up our paycheck for (They're trying to rob us for every penny we have). But, did you take review courses from Drexel, ATI, or ERI? or did you purchase guide books such as Saunders, Mosby's, etc.? Thank you very much for the info!!
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    During our whole time in school we would take practice exams on specialized topics i.e med surg, obstetrics, peds, etc from ATI. At the end we took a "final exam" given by ATI to see our probability of passing the NCLEX, most people scored very high...i actually was given a 98% chance of passing on my forst attempt and I did...I think ATI helps alot. During our last week of school before graduation, we had an intense 3-day review with Drexel which helped out a great deal.