I think I passed NCLEX??

  1. So I have been waiting for my NCLEX-PN results. I took the exam Sep 8,2017 and its been 3 weeks and have not heard anything. I tried PVT a couple of times and always had a good pop-up.
    Just today when I log on to my breeze account I had the option to apply for initial license. Before today, I had the option to retake the exam / apply for interim permit. Those options were missing now and replace by the Initial application for VN license.
    Im still not sure if I really pass the exam since I dont have any letter confirming my passing. My question is, having the option to apply for initial license means you pass??? cause I can already pay for it if I want to but the problem is there is a part there where you need to upload your passing letter
    and up to this date I dont have one. Pls advice Thanks .
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