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Hi everyone I seen alot of people who did their NCLEX story and it gave me so much motivation and encouragement so I decided to share my story. -My last day of nursing school was Dec.14.2017 -I... Read More

  1. by   brownsugar2018
    I took nclexx yesterday computer shut off 85! Im such a wreck waiting on results!i would have thought the computer would have given me a chance to pass are did i mess up that bad?I got alot sata,priority,putting in order, one math question, can anyone help with what im going through?
  2. by   brownsugar2018
    Is it to soon to check results i took yesterday at 1pm
  3. by   brownsugar2018
    Kazi2014 dis you take your nclexx on yet?
  4. by   Kazi2014
    please share you experience what do i need to focus on please please i will be so grateful .
  5. by   brownsugar2018
    Can anyone tell me what is the good popup?What do it say ?
  6. by   brownsugar2018
    What is the good popup?What does it say
  7. by   Greatnes
    I hope you passed. I took my Nclex pn yesterday March 6th. I got the "good popup" an hour after. Checked the continental testing site today and I passed!!!!
  8. by   Alciugacr
    Quote from brownsugar2018
    What is the good popup?What does it say
    Good pop up "our records indicate that you have recently taken this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time"
  9. by   Pipishelly
    Is there anyway I can get the audio for Mark Klimek. Would gladly appreciate. I take my nclex in May 2018.
  10. by   Injection
    I took my NCLEX yesterday 03/12/2018 at 2:15pm, it took me almost 2.5 hours. This is the 4th time taking it, all previous tests shut off at 85 and I failed. This time it shut off at 85 again and I about died! Half my test was SATA and Priority questions. Some Infection control, 1 fill in med and 1 picture. I ran to my car and did the pearson trick and got the GOOD POPUP!! I hope this is a good sign.

    I attended a review with: LIFESAVERS (Professor Paul) Honestly it is the BEST REVIEW out there right now!! I tried Kaplan, Hurst, UWORLD, many books and study material THAT DID NOT HELP ME! The only thing that helped me was to attend a live review with LIFESAVERS. I wrote everything down on flashcards and studied (not everyday) but I studied and a few days before my exam I studied majority of the whole day (taking eating breaks) I even used the SUPERMAN and the VCHIPS method to correlate diseases to help me remember.

    LIFESAVER review focuses on the material you need to know, believe me!! I'll be back to share my final results.

    Good luck!! You can do this <3
  11. by   Kazi2014
    congrats i hope you passed hey do still have the notes from LIFESAVERS (Professor Paul) SUPERMAN and the VCHIPS
  12. by   ambitiousjnyc
    @Injection: I am a firm believer you passed
  13. by   Injection
    Unfortunately I do not, he travels all over for these reviews. Search to see if he comes to your areas. He's far the best!!!!!