I passed NCLEX with 75 question. How?

  1. I used Kaplan and the content videos from Hurst. I did this for about 10 days. Studying times/preparing varies for each student, I am not saying you should go unprepared. I did over 1600 on Kaplan. I would watch a content video on Hurst, like maternity for example, then I would go to Kaplan to do focused exams on maternity. The highest I got on focused exams was 83.3%. I did about half of the Q-bank, but I did not like those as much as I liked taking the focused exams. I also did the RN NCLEX sample tests.

    Kaplan says you do not need to review content, and they want you to only do their decision tree. While it is helpful to do their strategy, I also found it very helpful to watch the core content videos from Hurst. They are a quick review of the important things. After watching the content videos, I would quiz myself with the focused exams on Kaplan. So it worked out great for me.

    My trainers were in the 50's. My readiness was 66.1% That's when I decided I should just go for it. Sure enough, my test stopped at 75 questions. I had about 25 SATA's.

    I went home, and did the Pearson Vue trick where I was pretending to register again for the exam, put in the wrong expiration date of my card, and I got a good pop up. It basically said that I am already registered or something like that. It took the board less than 24 hrs to put my license number up and send me the email of welcoming me to the nursing profession.

    1. Take your time during the test, there is plenty of time. I think I took about 1 hr 30 min or so to complete mine.
    2. You can study for about half a day/review content the day before. People said not to, but it really is up to you. I would not over do it, though. I would wake up everyday around the same time and start my practice exam at 8 AM since my exam was scheduled for 8 AM.
    3. This is not any different than other test you took in nursing school. You just sit down at a computer, and do your best. It actually looks like Kaplan, white screen with blue borders. You will feel right at home.
    4. Make sure you know your labs, ABC's and how to prioritize. Basic nursing stuff.
    5. Take a deep breath and be confident. If your classmates passed, why wouldn't you?

    Good luck! You got this!

    P.S. The morning of, I opened my Bible app for an encouragement, and it just made me smile. Verse of the day was "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Indeed I was strengthened, encouraged and it gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.
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    Congratulations! I take mine at 8am tomorrow morning
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    thanks! you got this!
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    You asked about passing NCLEX in 75 questions. I had had the opportunity to talk to many new grads that passed NCLEX over the years. 75 questions are the minimum one can answer to either pass or fail. Within the first 75 questions, the computer either knows that you know the stuff and passed you. Or your answers were so rotten, that you wouldn't pass no matter how many questions you answered. If you answered more than 75 questions, than the computer wanted to follow a trail and see how you do. So when the screen stops after the 75th question, that is a good thing. Of all the nurses I talked to over the years, when it did stop after #75, they all had passed-none flunked.

    I'll stop here. When I took my boards, as others near my age, it was 5 2-hour tests with each test covering one specialized area and done on paper. And a 6th test where you were testing the test, but it was not counted.