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I am so thrilled :w00t::monkeydance: I just called everyone I new and told them. I wanted to thank all of you for your support.:kiss :kiss This form really put my mind at ease and made the test seem... Read More

  1. by   Tabbycoley
    Hi Bonasi8888 I started with the analyst section (in study mode) of the saunders CD (1,849 questions) I tryed to do a minimum of 100 a day sometimes more especially as my test date got closer. I know people say to read all the reational right or worng but I only read the wrong ones. unless I guessed right. than I did the application section about another 1,050 questions.I also did the CD from mosby's comprehensive review 8th ed on high difficulty study mode. I have had these nclex books all through school so I didn't re-read them just used the CD's for practice questions. I didn't review anything execpt meds a great book is mosby's pharmacology memory note cards. I also memorized my chem 7, CBC, ptt, aptt, ABG's, BUN, creatinine, total billi,AST/ALT, ESR and read this thread every day it gave me sanity when I could not do any more questions I take a break and read allnurses. hopes this helps if you need any thign else pm me. good luck.